Chiara is Italian, trough her origins, her family,her culture, her spirit. An Italian at heart
An international scale
Art Director and Creative Designer of prestigious cosmetic brands with an experience of life and work in
A strong attraction,The irresistible need to live there for a while.Non-conformism.
Love at first sight.The desire to settle there for many years. The World of Beauty.
A wonderful discovery.New opportunities.Development and exchange.

Chiara Fantig
Consultant in Make-Up Product Concept, Colour and Development,
Artistic Direction and Seasonal Looks

« I have the greatest respect for make-up.
 It is an essential instrument, an extraordinary ally for portrayal of oneself, an intimate and meaningful act »

Chiara Fantig is a passionate and poetic woman. She has a clear vision of her expertise that goes hand in hand with a sensitivity and audacious creativity that allow her to assimilate a territory, to define its values and to interpret it into colours, textures and gestures. She has a strong inclination for precision and detail, an innate sense of nuance and soundness, all for the benefit of beauty to magnify femininity.

Since 1997, it has been an atypical and original course of life that paved her way to the art of make-up. Italian by birth, she expatriated to England for five years before turning to France where she finally settled down in 1986. She successfully obtained diplomas in English (Westminster College of London and Polytechnic Central London from '82 to '84), in international marketing (in London in '85 and in Paris in '86), in artistic make-up (Christian Chauveaux School in Paris in '88) and finally in interior decorating and architecture (The Regent Academy of Fine Arts of London in '92, followed by the Union des Arts Décoratifs du Louvre and Ecole Boule in Paris in '94 and '95).

She collaborated with Designers Bonetti and Garouste for two years starting in '94 and with Hilton Mc Connico for his exhibitions on Hermès from 1996. She started working with brands as a consultant in 1997, as Artistic Director of make-up for L’Occitane and Nina Ricci until 2000, with Nelly Rodi for the 2000 trends and Terry for the autumn look 2001. In 2001 Nina Ricci called again on her talent to conceive and entirely develop their new make-up line (launched autumn 2002) and to create new products and seasonal looks. Another aspect of her work and creative imagination can be illustrated through the preparation of specific eye make-up products, training courses and media communication tools developed in 2003 for Cibavision, a Swiss optical and lens company.

As the recognised Make-Up Artist that she is, she also creates make-up and looks for fashion brands in haute-couture and ready-to-wear collections, and offers moreover in-depth creative brainstorming in perfect harmony with the spirit of the brand name. In 2003 and 2004 she collaborated with the young fashion designer Ralph Kemp and created a make-up collection presented during the Paris Collections in March for sale in Ralph Kemp’s boutiques as of September 2003.
Arising from Paris, she enlarged her professional horizons and began a close collaboration with Russia , with Faberlic: a great culture yearning to renew the ancient splendour through the new opportunities for development and trade. From 2001 to 2007, she underwent a great international creation and development project on four complete make up lines; Faberlic Gold, Beauty Cafè, Night and Day and Younova.

But amid all these achievements a thought emerged ever more insistently. And so it was that after 25 years of rich metropolitan life she left Paris, where she still retains some private prestigious consultancies, and returned to her homeland to undertake her thinking. In 2008 she opened a beauty space boutique never seen before, in Udine: ‘Bois de Rose’, which unites her work in colour design and make-up with that of floral decoration and fragrance. In her ‘Bois de Rose’, Chiara Fantig cultivates creative thinking, she seeks and uses colour, pure matter, pigments, flowers, she combines tactile, olfactory and visual sensuousness and above all beauty and colour. Alongside this, she always works as a make-up artist and collaborates with fashion brands like Niu, Gazel, Babe, Diva Gioielli, Rebello.

In 2013 Lifestyleitaly and Lineapelle Milano called her and offered her a new freelance collaboration as a make-up artist and colour specialist for an International Colour Trend Project. For logistical reasons, Bois de Rose was left behind and since then she has been working again on an international scale and moves regularly from Udine to Milan, London and New York.

Missing her own experimental thoughts, last October she decided to open again her own Make-Up studio, Rose.Noir. Here she lends her know-how and intuitive sense for beauty to advertising visuals and films, as well as beauty editorial visuals in women's magazines. Rose.Noir means that face make-up, the world of colours, the beauty inherent in nature and the romantic spirit coexist in her expertise as a professional, work which is already in itself a sublime aesthetic alchemy.